Participation in Conference on Innovative Methods of Design 10/27/2010

Concerning foundation of Association of Innovative Design - Club 3D

We the undersigned representatives of designing companies developing complex engineering projects and the representatives of vendors of information technologies that facilitate creation of the above said projects state the following:

  • we are aware that high cost of designing and construction of the project, hot competition on the world market demands permanent decrease of the period and cost of designing and construction and erection works;
  • we recognize solidarity of professional priorities that lie in innovative activities aimed at improvement in techniques and practical application of the most advanced methods;
  • we long for contribution to expansion of scientific-technical, information and business cooperation between the organizations involved.

Herewith we declare our intention of cooperation in the field of development of innovative methods of designing and agreed on the following:

  1. to form The Association of Innovative Design - Club 3D of open type for co-operation of designing companies and vendors of information technologies.
  2. to develop co-operation within the framework of the Association in the following spheres:
    • sharing experience of development of designing techniques and data management based on application of the latest achievements in the sphere of information technologies.
    • promotion of the best practices of use of information systems in designing and data management by arranging conferences, seminars, advertising and publishing activities.
    • determination of priority areas in development of the technologies and integrating efforts in these spheres.
    • rendering assistance to educational institutions in training of graduates with account of state-of-the-art technologies.