Signing of Cooperation Agreement to carry out Development Programs of Power Generation Sector in Ivanovo Region for 2008-2013. 04/21/2008

On April 21, 2008 Ivanovo region government and Open JSC ZARUBEZHENERGOPROEKT signed Cooperation Agreement to carry out Development Programs of Power Generation sector in Ivanovo region for 2008-2013.

Acting in terms of social partnership of the Parties, being aware of the need to protect and build up a stable and competitive energy infrastructure in Ivanovo region, also for the purpose to provide necessary conditions for economic and social development of Ivanovo region, improvement of attraction as an investment in Ivanovo region, consolidation of state-proprietary partnership in energy and social spheres, the Parties have determined the main directions of future cooperation:

  • providing of favourable economic conditions for stabilization and sustained development of energy establishments;
  • build up of competitive products’ output and sales by the regional enterprises;
  • formation of favourable tax and investment climate in Ivanovo region;
  • determining, with account of regional and sectoral peculiarities, forms of support of regional secondary and higher professional education, including arrangement of specialists’ target training, scientific research works and elaboration of innovative projects to the benefit of the region;
  • implementation of priority projects in respect to specialists’ training and development of personnel capabilities for power generation sphere;
  • job creation as well as employees’ welfare gain and social protection.

Up to date under this Agreement Open JSC ZARUBEZHENERGOPROEKT has granted the aid to Ivanovo region administration amounting to 500 000 roubles for arrangement of II International film festival named for A. Tarkovsky “Zerkalo”; also 500 000 roubles have been granted for celebration on the occasion of 90-th anniversary of Ivanovo region.

Furthermore, under this Agreement the Company has given gratis 32 personal computers to cultural institutions of Ivanovo region in order to improve quality of municipal museums and libraries’ work in Ivanovo region.

In addition, by the request of Department of the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate (STSI) of Leninsky district of Ivanovo, the Company has given 3 personal computers to Orphan Asylum No. 2 sponsored by STSI.