Design Technologies

Design and engineering activities begin with forming the data base of the subject power plant. At next engineering stages this data base is used as the basis for the model of the entire project.

Three-dimension model 

3D modeling system Plant Design System (Intergraph, USA) is used for designing power plants. Capabilities of PDS:

  • Parallel stepwise engineering of various parts of the subject power plant.
  • Visual presentation of results of engineering to check mutual arrangement of the equipment, pipework and building structures.
  • Information about each of the elements is available while scrolling through the 3D model.
  • Preparation of isometric drawings of pipelines with full specification including supports and hangers, gaskets and bolts; 2D drawings of plans and sections; lists of equipment, pipelines, valves, measuring points.
  • Checking of individual elements of model for interference.
  • Textual and graphical presentation of reports about calculation results.
  • Plotting of P&I diagrams.
  • Integration with the Architectural design software helps to evaluate solutions both for the entire project and for individual rooms.

3D modeling has the following advantages:

  • enables the designer together with the Customer to evaluate accuracy of the taken layout concepts before starting construction and erection work;
  • eliminates design interferences attributed to work of many designers of various specialties in conditions of space limitations;
  • allows to purchase and deliver exact amounts of equipment and materials required for execution of construction and erection work.

This new technology, according to the Western experts' estimate, help to reduce the total cost of the range of works related to construction of power plants by about 10%.


Design and engineering practice of Zarubezhenergoproekt is subject to continuous improvement:

  • through ZEP's own design and research products,
  • through active cooperation with scientists in this sphere.

Zarubezhenergoproekt develops its own technology to unite all design techniques in one system. This ensures high-quality execution of design documentation and makes it possible to deliver information systems to be used both during commissioning and further operation of the plant.

Zarubezhenergoproekt has developed the following designing systems
AutomatiCS ADT A system for computer-aided design of I & C and control diagrams of auxiliaries.
ElectriCS ADT A system for computer-aided design of electrical systems of power plant.
ElectriCS 3D Optimal cable routing within the space of building and structures.

Project management

In Zarubezhenergoproekt the project management is based on the state-of-the-art software, e.g. Primavera software developed by Primavera Systems Inc., which enables the Project Managers to schedule work and to keep track progress of work.

Project management